One year on from the Perth Hills bushfires

  • At first the fire was contained. Then it jumped into thick bush surrounding homes in Kelmscott and Roleystone and the fight began to save lives and property. Homeowners, police, firefighters, even strangers off the street, joined in the battle. A year after the devastating Hills fires, this special report is a tribute to the community forged in the flames.


  • Project coordinator/reporting: Katherine Fleming
  • Reporter: Daniel Emerson
  • Video journalist: Kate Ferguson
  • Video post production: Adam Vou, Kate Ferguson
  • Development/Design: Adam Vou, Alex Noor
  • All file vision: 7 News
  • Pictures: Lincoln Baker, Nic Ellis, Jos Mensink, Steve Ferrier, Astrid Volzke
  • Background image: Evan Collis / FESA
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