At the going down of the sun, and in the morning . . .

  • As mates congregate and crowds gather this Anzac Day, they will pause to reflect and remember in the shadow of some of the most defining moments of World War II - the desperate, vicious fighting of Kokoda; the dogged defiance in the Coral Sea; the hard won victory of El Alamein and the ignominy of the fall of Singapore.

    In this special tribute we reflect on the sacrifice of those who have fought and served in many battles - past and present.

    Their stories are individual, but they are bound by a common theme, of camaraderie and loss.


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Kokoda - Australia’s frontline

Australians untrained in jungle warfare conquered a numerically superior Japanese invasion force, halting their inexorable advance. See more

Battle lines

From Africa to Vietnam, the Coral Sea to Afghanistan, Australians have fought in wars that have shaped the world and defined our nation.


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